Up With Chris Hayes

We're Not A Center-Right Nation

On Up with Chris Hayes, a recent study has shown that the American people are far more progressive than DC politicians give them credit for.

Fools On The Hill

We watch the Sunday talking head shows so you don't have to! C&L's Nicole Belle joins RadioOrNot.com's Nicole Sandler to bring you the highlights (and the lowlights too!).

Raising The Minimum Wage And The Forces Opposed To It

If anyone needs a break from the typical fare we're treated to on the bobblehead shows on Sundays, check out some of Chris Hayes show from this Saturday. It's rare that this kind of in depth and comprehensive discussion happens, even rarer where

Hope And Climate Change

While there is a vast chasm between rhetoric and reality, however, it's hard to not be optimistic that President Obama made specific mention of actively working towards solutions to deal with the very real fact of climate change in his inaugural