Up With Chris Hayes

Congress: Nice Work If You Can Get It

I don't know if we can call Rick Nolan of Minnesota a freshman congressman. Technically, he is one of the incoming congressmen of the 113th Congress, but Nolan's been there before. He was part of the 94th through 96th Congress as well. And

'Up' Panel On The Real Crisis Of Income Disparity And Poverty

Thank goodness there is at least one of these talking head shows on Sundays where Republican talking points are pushed back against and where it's not just a bunch of millionaire pundits talking about how we need to inflict pain on our senior citizens and raise the Medicare age in order to appease the GOP during these deficit negotiations, and that show is Up With Chris Hayes.

The Real Slippery Slope To Marijuana Legalization

I have to admit to having a completely short-sighted stance on the decriminalization of marijuana. I view our "War on Drugs" as a complete and utter failure to everyone except private prison companies. I do not make a distinction between the

Skin In The Game: Elites Demanding YOUR Sacrifice

Can I state outright that means testing and raising the eligibility age for Social Security and Medicare is a terrible idea? Stupid, backwards-thinking, anti-economic notion. So it makes my heart sink to see Don Peebles, a member of

Walmart Worker: 'I Want To Play Football With My Son'

I want to make a suggestion. I'd like everyone who reads this to email everyone they know with a link to these videos, and ask them not to shop at any store on Thanksgiving night, and to support the Walmart Black Friday strike. This is some

Hayes: Conservatives Are Creating Their Own Electoral Enemies

Chris Hayes and his Story of the Week on the predicament for Republican party and conservatives who are "creating their own electoral enemies" with "its visceral appeal to anxieties and fears of white Christians." After listening to Republicans

What Didn't Get Debated

For all the Monday-morning quarterbacking on the debates, the one thing that didn't get discussed in the mainstream media is what didn't get discussed. Like issues that matter to Americans. Don't get me wrong, the economy matters to

Chris Hayes: The Republican Bubble Trap

From this Saturday's Up With Chris Hayes, Chris' Story of the Week and the Republicans who have been living in their own alternative universe these days as they refuse to accept the reality that the poll numbers in the presidential race really are