June 4, 1954 - A Hint Of Things To Come.

News for June 4, 1954. Tragedy aboard USS Bennington, 102 killed in blast. Sec. of Commerce admits "we're in a Recession". 16 cities added to list of Distressed Communities, already at 123. Gen. James van Fleet does not think U.S. needs to send troops to South East Asia. Sec. of State Dulles joins list of officials saying U.S. involvement in Indo-China is imminent. Gas prices purposely kept up. Solar Panels are introduced. Army-McCarthy Hearings continue with more noise than progress.

Federal Jobless Benefits Ending

Extended federal unemployment benefits will soon begin to start running out, despite a decision by Congress to renew the program. The federal benefit extensions supported unemployment payments for up to 99 weeks to help the unemployed until

Questions And Anger When 29-Year-Old Homeless Woman Dies In Jail

In the video above, you'll see a 29-year-old woman die alone on the cold, concrete floor of a jail cell after pleading with hospital staff and police for help. She had already been to two other hospitals seeking help for the pain after what she thought was triggered by a sprained ankle. On her last day alive, she finally complained about her and refused to leave the hospital. The hospital had her arrested.

Conservativism Blew Up The Economy

So what do you do when financial analysts are warning that housing prices are headed for a "triple dip", the second largest Swiss Bank (Credit Suisse) announces it's piling 1,500 additional job cuts - many from the US - on top of its previously

Indecision 2012 - Herman Cain Canes The Unemployed

Stephen Colbert took a shot at Herman Cain for blaming the unemployed for not having jobs and carrying water for Wall Street during this week's GOP presidential debate: COLBERT: Yeah unemployed! You should be out in front of the White House