Brian Moynihan

Feds Sue Bank Of America

Federal prosecutors hit Bank of America with a $1 billion lawsuit Wedesday, accusing the bank of mortgage fraud that contributed to the housing crisis. Bank of America became entangled in the scheme -- known as “High-Speed Swim Lane” or “Hustle” -- when it purchased Countrywide Financial in July 2008, just as the economy was slipping into recession. Countrywide, a mortgage lending giant, was already known for approving risky loans when it introduced its “Hustle” program to churn out more loans, effectively eliminating a system that ensured the mortgages were being made to buyers who could afford them. A top U.S. attorney said the bank’s fraud was “spectacularly brazen in scope.”

CODEPINK 'Busts Up' Bank Of America CEO Speech

Thursday, March 8th, three female "CODEPINK" protesters stormed the stage in a Waldorf Astoria ballroom, stripped to their bras, and began yelling at a room full of bankers who just moments before had been listening to Bank of America CEO

Bank Of America CEO 'Incensed' By Critics

Seems Bank of America's CEO Brian Moynihan is getting a little testy after weeks of Occupy Wall Street protests, and that has him on a mission to improve his corporation's tattered image. From Bloomberg News: Moynihan, 52, told employees