CODEPINK 'Busts Up' Bank Of America CEO Speech


Thursday, March 8th, three female "CODEPINK" protesters stormed the stage in a Waldorf Astoria ballroom, stripped to their bras, and began yelling at a room full of bankers who just moments before had been listening to Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan. The women had the slogan "Bust up Bank of America" painted on their chests, according to an Occupy press release.

A Youtube video captures audio of the "bust up" chants while bankers look around confused. Moynihan finally cut the tension with a deadpan "as I said" and returned to his talking points, earning him a few laughs and applause from the assembled one percenters.

CODEPINK founder, Jodie Evans tells Business Insider she was the first to lead the um...protest, and was quickly taken away by security, and then other protesters took over, including co-founder Medea Benjamin who she says went on a rather long anti–Bank of America diatribe before security returned.

Yet another source reports still a different version of events:

A woman in a low-cut dress came down the aisle during Brian Moynihan’s presentation and started chanting “bust up Bank of America before it busts up America” (she also had the slogan written across her shirt). They cleared her out and then another one came onto the stage, elbowed Moynihan out of the way and took the microphone to do the same thing– security hauled here away before she could strip. Then a third one jumped on a table in front of the stage, pulled off her top– had the slogan written across her rack– and started chanting. It took a good 1-2 minutes to get her out of there.”

Don't get me started on the use of the term "rack," I'll just leave you with the video, although it really doesn't supply much more than the audio portion.


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