Kermit the Frog

June 8, 1982 - ". . .And Kermit Addresses Harvard."

News of the day for June 8, 1982 - Israeli Army advancing in Lebanon. PLO's Arafat appeals to Soviet Union for help. Falkland Islands War. U.S. Navy deploys to Mediterranean. Fiscal 1983 Spending Plan. Economic woes. Kermit the Frog addresses Harvard Graduating class.

Bill O'Reilly Responds To The Muppets Taking A Shot At Fox News

It appears rather than ignore the shot that was taken at Fox "News" by the Muppets and the fact that they're not a "news" organization, Bill-O decided to respond with a not so thinly veiled threat: "We still like the Muppets, but they'd better watch

SNL's Seth Meyers Mocks Congress For Saying Pizza Is A Vegetable

Saturday Night Live's Seth Meyers had a bit of fun this weekend by mocking the Republicans in Congress for wanting to classify pizza as a vegetable in an attempt to fight the Obama administration's attempt to make federally-subsidized school lunches