mic check

Occupied Saks Fifth Avenue

Occupy Wall Street activists gather inside Saks Fifth Avenue to oppose CEO Carlos Slim, who protesters say made his fortune on the backs of poor Mexicans...

Mic Check Wall Street

#MicCheckWallSt Money Drop from Occupy Together on Vimeo. On Valentine's Day, #MicCheckWallSt sent Seattle a message on the face of hundreds of dollar bills. "Money can't buy love...but it can buy speech?" the bills read in an effort

Crowd At Santorum Rally Horrified When Two Men Kiss

Rick Santorum was well into his speech during a campaign rally in Arlington Heights, Ill., on Friday when two men in the crowd embraced in a rather passionate kiss, prompting a "mic check" and two guards to escort them from the rally. The

Protesters ‘Occupy’ Arne Duncan’s Austin Speech

U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan was in Austin on Thursday, where he was a keynote speaker at South by Southwest’s second annual SXSWedu conference. He also made a stop to speak to a crowd at Austin Community College’s Eastview campus for a “town hall” discussion on education issues...

#OccupyCarrolton Mic Checks Wal-Mart

A note from Occupy Carrolton: "After our first General Assembly, we came to a consensus to take a fun field trip to our local Wal-Mart in Carrollton on Highway 27. This is the video of our mic check there. Look for future actions in support