Occupy Our Homes

Tell The Bankers That The People Are Too Big To Fail

Occupiers, allies and community members from across the country came together in front of the DOJ to demand that Attorney General Eric Holder arrest the bankers responsible for upending the international economy through the housing crisis.

Foreclosed Homeowners Arrested At DoJ While Demanding Banker Prosecution

Five years after the greed and recklessness of Wall Street criminals crashed the economy, Eric Holder’s Department of Justice is finally making some arrests. But it’s not Wall Street bankers sitting in jail. No, it’s 27 struggling homeowners and foreclosure victims who went to D.C. to demand the end of Too Big to Jail.

South Minneapolis Grandmother Wins Loan Modification

After a public pressure campaign through the Eviction Free Zone of Occupy Homes MN, Gayle Lindsey, a nursing assistant and grandmother in South Minneapolis, who was facing imminent eviction, has won a modification of her mortgage from M&T Bank.

Occupy Our Homes

Occupy Our Homes from Occupy Riverwest on Vimeo. Millions of American families have lost their homes since the beginning of the economic meltdown to unjust and illegal foreclosures by the same banks that precipitated the crisis in the

Jamie Dimon Confronted By Occupy Our Homes DC

Five members of Occupy Our Homes DC were silenced on Wednesday when they were escorted out of a Congressional hearing while JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon was giving testimony on his bank's most recent financial losses.

Occupy Homes MN Forecloses On Local Freddie Mac Conference

Thursday, June 07, 2012, Bloomington, MN-- Before the plates were cleared from the luncheon, Freddie Mac trainers and dozens of conference attendees were startled by a group of Occupy Homes protesters who taped off the entrance and plywooded