Occupy LA Sues City Over Mass Arrests

On November 30th last year around 300 protesters were arrested at the Los Angeles City Hall after being camped out in the vicinity for over two months. An estimated 1,400 police officers showed up and blazed through the encampment in what

The Occupy Movement: Detroit Chapter

Detroit Occupiers left Grand Circus Park nearly a year ago in the week preceding the city's Thanksgiving Day parade. A new "mini-documentary" released on YouTube recently provides a glimpse of what it was like during those chilly days when

Morning Occupy News Round-up

Time to Rebel! Five Ways We Can Break the Big Banks' Death Grip on the Economy Wall Street’s incredible greed and arrogance may have finally handed us the tools and leverage we need. Read it at Truthout. Court orders Occupy Hong

Occupy LA: Scenes From The New Revolution

Prepare yourself for a journey through the Occupy L.A. encampment as seen through the eyes of journalist Sam Slovick, who narrates the proceedings like he's in a noir thriller. Slovick refers to the Occupy Movement as "the Civil Rights Movement on crank, the Sixties peace movement in a "V for Vendetta" mask with a blunt and the devil's defiance," and Occupy L.A. as a "largely dismissed, mostly misinterpreted orphan child of the Occupy Movement."

Occupy Frankfurt Booted From Camp

German police Wednesday have cleared the Occupy Frankfurt encampment that has been in place since October 2011, ahead of scheduled anti-capitalism protests this weekend. Via: German authorities on Wednesday cleared out a group of

Mayor Won't Renew Occupy Cleveland Permit

The city of Cleveland will not renew Occupy protesters' permit allowing a permanent encampment. The group has maintained an encampment in downtown Cleveland since October of last year. Cleveland Mayor Jackson's chief of staff, Ken

Mental Health Patients Dumped At Occupy Denver

In this video, a member of Occupy Denver films a Denver Health Department van stopping in front of the Occupy encampment and dropping off a group of people believed to be mental health patients, and many appearing to be homeless.