Swat Team

Aurora, Colorado: Four Shot Dead After Standoff With Swat Team

Four people were discovered dead Saturday inside a suburban Denver home following a barricade hostage situation, which drew in a team of 40 officers. One woman reportedly escaped the townhome, although it is unclear whether or not she sustained injuries. Officials first arrived on the scene close to 3 a.m. Saturday following reports that shots had been fired inside the home.

Militarized SWAT Team Evicts 63-Year-Old

You really have to watch the video to believe how this Denver woman's eviction from her home of 24 years was handled. Never in my life have I seen anything like this. Grenade launchers to evict a 63-year-old woman?!? Last week, a

Police Evict Occupy Kansas

Police have cleared out the Occupy Kansas City encampment that went up last October in Penn Valley Park near the Liberty Memorial. Officers brought a SWAT team to along for fFriday's eviction, but the removal was peaceful and no force was