Occupy the Boardroom

Occupy The Boardroom Announces Book Release

In this video, a flashback to 2011, Occupy the Boardroom: "We brought 99 red balloons down to the headquarters for Goldman Sachs where we hoisted up messages from the 99%. Our balloons totally got their attention — I could see people

Occupy The Boardroom Takes On Verizon

It isn't just Verizon workers who the company is harming, they are also being protested by customers who have been lied to by the profitable company. Occupy the Boardroom has expanded their agenda to include specific Wall Street companies,

The 12 Days Of Christmas From Occupy The Boardroom

This just in from our friends at Occupy the Boardroom. Someone has submitted an email to be delivered to John F.W. Rogers, a board member of Goldman Sachs with their own version of The 12 Days of Christmas: To: John F W Rogers, Goldman