The Solar Capital Of New England

The Solar Capital Of New England

As a result of innovative work being done by Green Mountain Power, Senator Bernie Sanders said Rutland is becoming "a real spark plug for the rest of the state and the rest of the country."

New SARS-like Virus 'A Threat To The Entire World'

A new strain of coronavirus claims another life...this time in France. A 65-year-old man who had been traveling in Dubai has died from the illness, the French health ministry said. He was the first Frenchman to fall ill from the SARS-like coronavirus. The World Health Organization says the virus, which causes coughing, fever and pneumonia, can likely be passed between humans, but only after prolonged, close contact. Out of 44 confirmed cases worldwide, 23 people have now died with most of those infected having traveled in the Middle East.

Sequester Threatens Weather Forecasts

Cutting the budget of the already financially strapped National Weather Service as we're experiencing an increasing number of climate change related super storms, what could go wrong?

Manatees Under Threat From Peruvian Hunters

Biologists say manatees in Peru's Amazon rainforest are in danger of extinction. A wildlife organization is trying to save the animals, but one of the biggest threats to their existence is a part of Peruvian culture. Even though

Scientist: Climate Has To Stop Being A Partisan Issue

Remember climate change? The issue barely came up during the presidential campaigns, and little has been said since. But bringing climate change back into our national conversation is as much a communications challenge as it is a scientific