Crowd Calls 'Bullsh*t!' On GOP Congressman's Obamacare Lies

Crowd Calls 'Bullsh*t!' On GOP Congressman's Obamacare Lies

It's going to be a very long, and painful election season for the Republicans this year. All those millions of people who now have health care insurance, thanks to Obamacare, are quite happy about it. What they're not happy about is their GOP lawmakers continuous efforts to repeal it.

Anonymous: Elections Not Auctions

Anonymous has announced a joint action between the hacktivist group and the Occupy movement, "OUR POLLS," which seeks to Occupy the Vote 2012 with the aim of holding our elected officials accountable to the people. The message: Elected

Rep. Darrell Issa: 'You Are Not A Part Of The 99%'

As part of Take Back The Capitol (, Community members from Good Jobs LA, SEIU Local 221 members and others visited Rep. Issa's office this week to inquire about why he failed to support the jobs act. After refusing to leave, they