McPherson Square

Occupy DC Strikes Back With Week Of Resistance

These are themed days of action in resistance to the system and in solidarity with the 99%. Individual, autonomous affinity groups welcome to plan whatever inspires them. 10/1 – SHUT DOWN K STREET day of action. Meet at 7 AM at McPherson

Occupy News Weekend Round-Up

Occupy Peeps Street The Occupy Wall Street movement can't be stopped - not even in Peepville! Protesters Re-Occupy Minneapolis: At least a dozen Occupy Minnesota protesters were arrested as their return to Minneapolis became heated

Police Raid On Occupy DC

Screams of anger, panic, and pain began to cut through the grey air, and I managed to get back into the crowd a bit, away from the police. In the midst of the pressed and screaming crowd I saw two occupiers, Mo and Georgia, find each other, and hug. They stayed there, oblivious to the cacophony around them, both their eyes glassy and vacant and a little too wide open.

#OccupyDC McPherson Cleared By Police

National Park Police invaded Occupy DC, McPherson Square in the early hours of Saturday morning with riot police, a dozen horses and a strategic plan to eliminate the encampment. Then throughout the day, they went section by section with a fully

Live: McPherson Square

Seven protesters were arrested after a pre-dawn raid on the Occupy D.C. camp in McPherson Square on Saturday, with dozens of police clearing away tents, debris and some dead rodents.

Livestream: Occupy DC Eviction Day

The eviction of Occupy DC was ordered for noon today, and others have joined the crowd at McPherson Square as they vow to defend their encampment. Some of the group have packed their things and left already. No sign of police yet, but they often wait until the wee morning hours to carry out these evictions.