Electoral fraud

How Republicans Stole The Election... Again

Rep. Peter King (R-NY) seems to think that Republicans in the House of Representatives were given a “mandate” by voters allowing them to prevent tax cuts for the rich from expiring, despite exit polls showing voters overwhelmingly support

'Tea Party' Groups Attempting To Purge Voting Rolls In Ohio

Here we go again with more dirty tricks from Republicans trying to steal another presidential election -- Tea party groups work to remove names from Ohio voter rolls: Lori Monroe, a 40-year-old Democrat who lives in central Ohio, was startled a

James O'Keefe Allies Try To Commit Felony Voter Fraud

James O'Keefe could use a few lessons in logic. He was so determined to get his "big scoop" on voter fraud that he may have had his goons commit voter fraud in order to prove it. TPM Muckraker: It was one of the few — if not the only