May 1st

A Day Without The 99 Percent

Imagine a day in without work, school, housework, or shopping. Imagine a day in which you did whatever you wanted. What does it look like?

Mass High School Walkout Called By Occupy High

A new video released by Occupy High has announced a May 1st "Walkout" as they stand in solidarity with the Occupy movement and workers everywhere. Here is the text of a letter addressed to the city of New York that was read aloud in the

Morning Open Thread

Ben Harper weighs in on the Occupy movement's May 1st General Strike. What's on your mind today?

Occupy Wall Street: Spring Training Highlights

Occupy Wall Street // Spring Training // April 13, 2012 from Mo Scarpelli on Vimeo. On a more positive note, Sunday an Occupy Wall Street demonstration drew hundreds of peaceful protesters to Central Park for a "Spring Awakening" and General