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McCain And Graham Threaten To Hold Up Brennan Nomination Over Benghazi

Who would ever think we'd see this scenario happen again -- Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham appearing on a Sunday show talking about their fake Benghazi scandal. What are the odds? I was waiting for Bob Schieffer to give both of them a big wet kiss, he was so thrilled at the very beginning of this interview to have both of them on there together with him.

Colin Powell Continues To Defend WMD Lies On Iraq

The more things change, the more they remain the same. It's now almost ten years later, and Colin Powell is still defending going in front of the United Nations and pushing the faulty intelligence to justify our invasion of Iraq. Of course don't

Rohrabacher: Obama Doesn't Want Anyone To Believe In Radical Islamic Terrorism

Of all the recent stupidity surrounding this drummed up conspiracy theory by the right wing that there's some massive coverup in regard to the attack on our embassy in Libya back in September, this has to be one of the more ridiculous ones I've heard. President Obama didn't want Amb. Susan Rice to admit the attacks were terrorism, because he doesn't want anyone to believe that radical Islamic terrorism exists.

Michael Hastings Takes Down Media For Promoting And Mythologizing David Petraeus

I would imagine that Piers Morgan and the producers at CNN were expecting BuzzFeed's Michael Hastings to be pretty harsh on the now scandal ridden Gen. David Petraeus, because I find it hard to believe they would have invited him on the air without reading his recent article here -- The Sins Of General David Petraeus.