Bain Capital's Link To OpSec Smears

You knew there had to be one. When you've got the worst candidate on the planet running for President, there's only one thing left to do. Pull out the corporate mudslingers and start tossing it all over the place. On Friday's edition of

Chris Christie Calls Ex-Navy Seal An Idiot

Chris Christie is really the idiot here. I certainly hope he doesn't aspire to the Vice Presidential spot, because I can't imagine the military being all that fond of a guy who calls an ex-Navy SEAL an idiot ... behind his back no less. Via

Navy SEALS Rescue Hostages In Somalia In Secret Raid

It's hard from this article to tell whether or not the actual raid took place during or before the State of the Union address. According to MSNBC, the President leaned into Leon Panetta as he came in and told him "Good job tonight." Whether