Park Police

Police Raid On Occupy DC

Screams of anger, panic, and pain began to cut through the grey air, and I managed to get back into the crowd a bit, away from the police. In the midst of the pressed and screaming crowd I saw two occupiers, Mo and Georgia, find each other, and hug. They stayed there, oblivious to the cacophony around them, both their eyes glassy and vacant and a little too wide open.

Occupy DC Demonstrator Threw Bottle, Not Brick

Authorities in Washington now say a demonstrator at an Occupy DC encampment threw a liquid-filled soda bottle, not a brick, hitting a U.S. Park Police officer after police began removing tents over the weekend.

Park Police To End Camping For #OccupyDC

Thanks in large part to Darrell Issa (R-CA) and his House Oversight Committee, the National Park Service will begin enforcing a ban on camping at two different Occupy DC locations next week. On Friday afternoon the Occupy DC camps at Freedom