Winter Olympics

Open Thread - Team Finland For The (Knitting) Win
The blanket completed by Team Finland during the Winter Olympics.

Open Thread - Team Finland For The (Knitting) Win

Sure make fun of Finland knitting on the ski slopes. To the teasers I ask, what project did YOU finish outside in vicious cold weather these past two weeks?
The Fascism Lurking Under The Winter Games

The Fascism Lurking Under The Winter Games

The British documentary 'Hunted', released just in time for Sochi, reveals explicitly the nature of the beast beneath the facade, a political pathology that is being unleashed in Russia now, today: fascism. Honest-to-God, unadulterated fascism.

February 27, 1960 - Wedding Bells And Warning Shots.

February 27, 1960. Eisenhower arrives in Buenos Aires Princess Margaret engaged to Anthony Armstrong-Jones, Troops massed on Israel-Lebanon border. Winter Olympics in Squaw Valley, California. Senate in 11th day of Civil Rights debate. Global Range Ballistic Missiles in future. Pigeons and Starlings overtake Capitol Hill buildings.

February 14, 1994 - The Sarajevo Ceasefire And A War Of A Different Kind.

February 14, 1994 - The Sarajevo ceasefire holding. Fighting breaks out in Bosnia. U.S.-Japan Trade war looming. Pres. Clinton meets with Kazakhstan President Nazarbayev over nuclear proliferation. U.S. speed skater Dan Jansen fails to win medal. Extreme security at Lillehamer for Winter Olympics. Paul McCartney calls British tabloid Beatles reunion rumors "rubbish".

February 13, 1984 - Meet The New Boss.

February 13, 1984 - Konstantin Chernenko named Soviet Party Chairman. Reagan meets with King Hussein and Hosni Mubarak over Lebanon. U.S. Women win Gold and Silver at Sarajevo Olympics. Justice Warren Berger calls out attorney's over frivolous lawsuits. Texaco files for merger with Getty Oil. And so much more.

February 6, 1948 - Dixiecrats And Rent Control.

News for February 6, 1948 - Dixiecrats call to bolt the party over Truman's Civil Rights legislation. Food prices drop offering a sign the economy is on the mend. Snowstorm disrupts last day of Winter Olympics. Rent Control Bill on hold and elections in Ireland cast doubt for Eamon de Valera's government.

January 30, 1948 - Gandhi Assassinated.

News of this day for January 30, 1948 - reports and eyewitness accounts of the assassination of Mohandas Gandhi. Other news - opening day of 1948 Winter Olympics, the spy trial in Canada, the politics on Capitol Hill and The Cold War, as usual.