Presidential hopeful

May 15, 1964 - The Long Shot.

May 15, 1964 - 1964 Presidential Primary season. Ambassador to Saigon and GOP Presidential candidate Henry Cabot Lodge expected to win Oregon Primary, chances good in California. Senate GOP pledges to keep the Bobby Baker Scandal probe alive. Michigan Politics - Gov. George Romney and Attorney General Frank Kelly clash on Legislative Reapportionment issue. South Vietnam - 51 S. Vietnamese troops killed in ambush by Vietcong. LBJ and Robert McNamara hold talks on Vietnam situation. Civil Right leader Bayard Rustin pledges 50,000 to protest upcoming Democratic Convention in Atlantic City.

March 13, 1961 - Calms Before Storms.

March 13, 1961. West Berlin Mayor Willy Brandt offers optimism over a crisis free Berlin, at least for the near future. U.S. and European allies spend a reported $ 7 billion annually aiding under-developed countries versus Communist bloc $3/4 billion. JFK to ask Congress to fund stockpiling of Polio vaccine. Nixon joins L.A. law firm. Conference of Nations of the British Commonwealth condemn South Africa apartheid policies. Cardinal Spellman opposes Federal Funding for schools if they don't include Parochial schools.

February 3, 1988 - "Give Peace A Chance".

Februrary 3, 1988 - Military Aid funding for Nicaragua Contra's voted down in House 219-211. Presidential hopeful Bob Dole accused of handing political favors. Supreme Court Justice Appointee Anthony Kennedy approved by Senate with a 97-0 vote. SCOTUS rules Surrogate Mother contracts akin to baby selling, which was illegal. Oil slick from 300,000 ton spill threaten Brittany coast in France. Panamanian strongman Manuel Noriega to be indicted on drug charges, even though the CIA paid him a reported $200,000 over a decade for cooperation. And Brazil announces arms sale deal with Libya.