Clint Eastwood

Right-Wing Obama Lynching Advocates Take Cue From Eastwood

You may recall that there were a couple of nooses displayed as protests of Barack Obama in right-wing precincts the night he was elected in 2008, and there have been effigy hangings of the president here and there since. They quickly were swept

Jimmy Fallon DNC 'Fire And Rain' Parody

From Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: At the Democratic National Convention, "James Taylor" debuts "Romney & Bain" - his parody of the classic "Fire & Rain."

Colbert Takes Republicans To Task Over 'Avoiding Water-Gate'

Leave it to Stephen Colbert to make a mockery of Republicans for their claim that President Obama and the Democrats only moved President Obama's speech indoors because they supposedly would not have been able to fill the stadium where they were