Bold Warning From Makers Of Tylenol

Bold Warning From Makers Of Tylenol

The maker of Tylenol is changing its packaging to better warn consumers of the risks of taking too much acetaminophen. Overdosing can cause dangerous, even deadly, liver damage, and consumers aren't always reading the fine print.

Anonymous: 'Expect Us 2013'

A recent video posting from "Anonymous" appears to be a response to McAfee's prediction that Anonymous will become less influential in the coming year. Anonymous has clarified that it has no plans to fade away in the New Year. It also

Anonymous Calls Out Black Bloc 'Cowards'

Great video from Anonymous on the Black Bloc issue that details how Black Bloc tactics are hurting the Occupy movement. The video begins with images of the G8 in Montebello, Quebec where the Quebec Provincial Police infiltrated the demonstrators and tried to incite violence.