morning after pill

Ingraham: Emergency Contraception Is 'A Good Deal For Pedophiles' And Child Rapists

Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham on Tuesday said that the Obama administration "empowers men who want to abuse women" by <a href="">complying with a court order</a> to allow over-the-counter emergency contraception sales to women and girls of any age.

Fox News Guest: Teen Pregnancies Should Be 'Celebrated'

A regular Fox News commentator on Sunday said that teen pregnancies should be "celebrated," and pointed to President Barack Obama's speech to Planned Parenthood and the alleged horrific crimes of abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell as part of "what’s wrong with our culture."

Romney: Obama Wants To 'Establish A Religion Called Secularism'

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney on Monday said that President Barack Obama had taken his war on faith to the next level by wanting to establish a new "religion" for the purpose of rejecting all religious doctrines. At an event in

Karl Rove Shamelessly Conflates Birth Control With Abortion

Karl Rove did his best to shamelessly conflate the morning after pill, which is emergency contraception to prevent pregnancy, which is covered by the recent mandate from the Department of Health and Human Services that has the Catholic Church