Robert Reich: GOP Loses If U.S. Goes Over Fiscal Cliff

“Viewpoint” host Eliot Spitzer and Robert Reich, professor at the University of California, Berkeley, discuss the latest fiscal cliff negotiations in Washington. Robert Reich believes Democrats have the power in the budget battle,

Romney Tax Plan Would Choke Off Charitable Giving

On the eve of last week's presidential debate, Republican Mitt Romney floated a trial balloon to deflect public attention from his detail-free tax plan certain to give a massive windfall for the wealthy, burden middle class taxpayers and balloon

Romney Claims His Tax Plan Won't Lower Taxes On The Rich

Another Sunday, and another week goes by where Mitt Romney is still refusing to give any details about his tax plan and which loopholes he'd supposedly close so the rich don't end up getting another tax break. As Think Progress noted a earlier this week, even the host on Fox was getting fed up with the Romney campaign failing to give specifics and as they wrote in their post about his proposals:

"Courageous" Romney And Ryan Chicken Out On Tax Breaks

Introducing his new running mate on Saturday, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney boasted, "We offer solutions that are bold, specific, and achievable." Number Two dutifully followed Number One, as Paul Ryan then promised voters, "We

The Romney Uncertainty Principle

That Mitt Romney will say anything to become President of the United States — no matter how blatantly false or comically contradictory — is sadly taken as a given in Election 2012. But while his pathetic pandering and transparent