Police Taser, Arrest Deaf Crime Victim

A deaf woman from Tacoma, Washington called 911 seeking help from police because she was being attacked inside her own home, but when she ran out to meet police officers, they fired a stun gun at her and took her into custody. After being

Professor Beaten By Oakland Police Prepares Lawsuit

After being punched in the face by police and having his glasses broken Ovetz was violently thrown to the ground, and struck with a baton on the ground. Ovetz’s attorney Matthew Siroka is now preparing a federal lawsuit for the violation of his civil rights and the use of excessive force by OPD officer Martin.

NATO Protesters Charged With Terrorism Possibly In Retaliation For Videotaping Cops Threats Of Violence

Three men arrested during a raid by Chicago police earlier this week will face terrorism charges on Saturday. Authorities say the men tried to make Molotov cocktails to use during protests of this weekend’s NATO summit in the city. Each of the men are being held in lieu of $1.5 million bail. But are the charges actually trumped up to retaliate for one of the men videotaping Chicago police ahead of the NATO summit as they threatened protesters with violence?

Cleveland May Day Cancelled After FBI Sting Operation

A breaking news story from Cleveland, Ohio today. Occupy Cleveland's May Day festivities have been cancelled today after an announcement from the FBI that 5 members of Occupy Cleveland had been arrested after an attempt to blow up an area bridge, as well as targets at other locations.

Charges Dropped For 14 Brooklyn Bridge Protesters

Only two weeks into the Occupy Wall Street movement, the Brooklyn Bridge march and the arrests that followed marked one of the high-profile moments of the Occupy protests.While many said they felt they had been escorted by officers into the roadway to march, police officials strongly disagreed...