Iran-Contra affair

War Criminal Ollie North Says Obama Doesn't Pay Attention
Obama is inferior to UK's Cameron (puppet on the left)

War Criminal Ollie North Says Obama Doesn't Pay Attention

Reagan's henchman Ollie North cuddles up to Carlson on the couch to bash the president for not showing his hand on his ISIL strategy. Rupert's Puppet, Cameron is way superior because he states his objectives with a British accent.

March 19, 1987 - Rehearsals For Primetime.

March 19, 1987. Pres. Reagan gives first Press Conference in four months. Iran-Contra Scandal. CIA supplying Contras with plans and blueprints. Congress approves $40 million to Contras. Michael Deaver trying to stay out of jail. Israel stops supplying Military aid to South Africa. Bristol-Myers thinks it may have AIDS vaccine. 65 MPH speed limit approved.

February 28, 1981 - Negotiations And Making Nice.

February 28, 1981 - The continuing Thatcher-Reagan romance. Pravda claims state department lying about arms shipments to El Salvador. Reagan asks for fund to reactivate WW2 Battleships. Budget cuts. Islamic Peace Mission in Tehran, trying to end Iran-Iraq War. Basque Separatists release hostages. Iran releases British Missionaries. Threats of violence between Vietnamese and U.S. Fishermen over Shrimp in Texas Gulf Coast.