Taran Killam

SNL Cold Open: GOP Debate

SNL Cold Open: GOP Debate

Saturday Night Live spoofed the GOP presidential clown car during their Cold Open segment this weekend.

SNL Cold Open Takes Another Shot At Fox & Friends

This is one subject that Saturday Night Live can never spend too much time mocking IMHO, and that's the several hour long debacle that manages to make even the rest of cable "news" look good, Fox & Friends.

SNL Spoofs The VP Debate

SNL opened up their show with, what else, but a spoof of the vice presidential debate from this week-- with Jason Sudekis (Biden) squaring off against Taran Killam (Ryan), complete with all the snarky facial expressions, constant laughing by Biden,

SNL Debuts Jay Pharoah As Barack Obama In Season Premiere

Saturday Night Live had their former "Barack Obama," Fred Armisen do the the hand off by giving the introductions in this skit, and although I think the newest member of their cast to take on the role of the President has a way to go in the being

SNL: Limbaugh Announces New Sponsors

Saturday Night Live took their turn knocking Rush Limbaugh for the recent exodus of sponsors after his attack on Sandra Fluke, which at last count were at 98.