2012 Presidential Campaign

MITT - Official Trailer

MITT - Official Trailer

'A Netflix original documentary, 'MITT' is a rare and intimate account of one man's quest for the presidency.' So says the blurb for it, anyway.

Mitt '800 Vetoes' Romney Says He'll Work With 'Democrat' Congress

One of the (few) benefits of living in Texas is that we aren't a swing state (yet), so we (mercifully) aren't inundated with political ads 24/7 the way they are in Ohio & Florida. For that other 4/5ths of America, I started compiling a

Romney's Dog-Whistle Campaign Bears Predictable Fruit

I'm sure you're about as shocked as I am that this shirt showed up at a Romney campaign event in Ohio. Which is to say, not even remotely. Via Andrew Kaczynski at Buzzfeed: The Getty Images photo was taken at a Romney/Ryan campaign event

Stupid Right-Wing Tweets: Jack Welch Edition

A Romney supporter complaining about the opposition lying is like a Bachmann follower decrying fear-mongering. It's just ridiculous. But if Jack really does think that the true measure of character is truth-telling -- he must have a terribly