Mitt '800 Vetoes' Romney Says He'll Work With 'Democrat' Congress


One of the (few) benefits of living in Texas is that we aren't a swing state (yet), so we (mercifully) aren't inundated with political ads 24/7 the way they are in Ohio & Florida. For that other 4/5ths of America, I started compiling a list of "Reasons to NOT vote for Romney" back in March of this year, updated constantly, the list has since grown to well over 200 solid reasons why the man shouldn't be allowed anywhere near the Oval Office. Early entries noted how the governor... once a champion of health care reform... had since done a total flip-flop on the issue, with later entries becoming far more detailed, like how... while governor of Massachusetts... Romney vetoed an astounding 844 bills (do the math: that one veto every 1.7 days) passed by the mostly Democratic Massachusetts state legislature, over 700 of which had to be overridden just to pass. And not just by Democrats. Governor Romney's 2006 veto of an increase in the minimum wage was overturned unanimously by both Republicans and Democrats alike. So it is beyond belief in these closing days that Governor Romney is running TV ads and giving stump speeches touting his ability to "work across the aisle" while governor of a state with an "85% Democrat legislature."

Tip #1: If you want to convince Democrats of your willingness to reach across the isle, don't use "Democrat" as an adjective. Not only is it bad grammar, but Republicans deliberately misuse the Party name in that way as a pejorative purely to irritate Democrats.

Tip #2: If you want to accuse your opponent of a lack of "bipartisanship", make sure you don't have the GOP Senate leader on tape saying "the single most important thing" (not "political priority"; that came later) his Party "should want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president."

Tip #3: If you are going to accuse your opponent of "partisanship", make sure he didn't adopt YOUR health care reform law over protests of those in his own Party calling for (at the very least) a "public option".

Tip #4: Hint: Don't run a TV ad during your first run in 2007 entitled "I Like Vetoes" bragging how you obstructed a mostly Democratic legislature.

Tip #5: Make sure the keynote speaker at your convention isn't going around praising your opponent's efficiency and refusal to play politics in the midst of a natural disaster just a week before the election.

Another wealthy Republican with "daddy issues" who dodged the draft, thinks "tax cuts" are the answer to every problem, and is already saber-rattling against nations in the Middle East trying to convince voters that he's "a uniter, not a divider"? What could possibly go wrong?

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