Sunday Morning Bobblehead Thread

The bad terrorist men are coming to get you! Oooga booga booga! Isn't it funny how Republicans have continually intoned they are the only ones able

Open Thread

Giuliani Spotted Sleeping On New York City Subway "He seemed to jolt awake when a homeless guy started ranting about 9/11, but then he just sighed

Sunday Morning Bobblehead Thread

Interesting...the media just doesn't seem to be taking to heart the political change in the air. How else can you account for the incredible lack of

Sunday Morning Bobblehead Shows

The usual suspects making their rounds, and a lot of double dippers on the Republican side from the looks of it. Will Ron Paul talk about his exclus

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A Tiny Revolution: When we murder millions, we don't just do it for fun! We have reasons ! Ali Eteraz: The cover of the this month's American Conserv