Cornell West

Maher Not Done Making Orangutan Jokes About Trump

It looks like Bill Maher still isn't too worried about Donald Trump and his lawyers, because The Donald ended up on the butt end of another orangutan joke on this Friday's Real Time with Bill Maher on the topic of text shaming -- with Maher citing some examples he "found on the Internet" of some well known figures and their "confessions."

Tavis Smiley, Cornell West: The Rich And The Rest Of Us

There are nearly 150 million poor and near poor people in America who are not responsible for the damage done by the Great Recession. Yet they pay the price. When the largest economic institutions in the world were brought to their collective knees, they went crawling to the government’s doorstep in search of salvation. The government obliged, allowing Wall Street to socialize its failure on the backs of Main Street Americans. The housing and jobs crisis they created fostered a poverty unseen in generations...