Occupy Town Square is coming home to Liberty Square! We join forces with the Homecoming group for a day long occupation where it all began.

Occupy The Midwest Conference

Via OccupyWallSt.org : August 23rd to 26th, 2012 the Occupy The Midwest Conference will be taking place in Detroit, Michigan, hosted by Occupy Detroit. The summer conference will be the second gathering of Occupiers from around the Midwest,

Occupy Wall Street: May Day Final Preparations

From Occupy Wall Street: Guess what's just a week away? May Day! Join an unprecedented coalition of workers, immigrants, and occupiers of all kinds to step, for one day, out of work, school, stores and homes and into the struggle against an

Mass High School Walkout Called By Occupy High

A new video released by Occupy High has announced a May 1st "Walkout" as they stand in solidarity with the Occupy movement and workers everywhere. Here is the text of a letter addressed to the city of New York that was read aloud in the