Trump Vs Hillary - It's On!

Trump Vs Hillary - It's On!

Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton. The weirdest election of all time is revving up! Here's a sneak peak from Orange County, CA. Susie finds some fellow Trumpies;)

2006 - NSA Collecting Calls - Is This Program Legal?

In May 2006, USA Today reported that the National Security Agency, under then-CIA Nominee Gen. Michael Hayden's leadership, had, since 9/11, secretly collected tens of millions of phone call records from the nation's three largest telephone companies -- Verizon, AT&T and BellSouth. Jeffrey Brown held this conversation on May 12, 2006 about the government's alleged data collection program.

George W. Bush Viewed More Favorably Than Mitt Romney

Dallas Morning News: "For all the talk about whether Mitt Romney should distance himself from George W. Bush -- and the policies of the last GOP White House -- a new survey shows that the former president actually has better favorability