Stéphane Hessel, Inspiration Behind Occupy Movement, Dies At 95

French resistance hero and Holocaust survivor Stephane Hessel was highly critical of France's treatment of illegal immigrants, and Israel's treatment of Palestinians, and passionate about the environment, a free press and France's welfare system. His call was for peaceful, non-violent insurrection.

Support Take The Square - A Documentary Film

Tahir Square, Puerta del Sol, Syntagma Square, Wall Street…Cairo, Madrid, Athens, New York…as many cities, as many places where different nations started camping to take the streets over, take public spaces back, take democracy back. This documentary tells the story of a movement that first took place on the banks of the Nile to spread across the world and try to change democratic interactions.

Occupy Earth

This amazing video touches on most all of the ills of the world: pollution, abuse of the environment, nuclear energy, fracking, water pollution, poverty, starvation, hunger, income disparity, politics, lack of healthcare, indifference and


The global Occupy movement is undergoing a period of sustained tactical innovation. In the U.S. occupiers are experimenting with new techniques of nonviolent protest inspired by the Black Bloc. In Quebec, we are testing whether a sustained

Indignados Ignite!

One year after the Spanish M15 movement inspired the world with their peaceful city-square occupations, millions have flooded the Spanish streets again. Their message: we’re still there, and more powerful than ever.

Adbusters: 'The Globalization Of Laughter'

The Occupiers at Adbusters said in a note to readers Wednesday that a global “laugh riot” could “break through the G8’s veneer of legitimacy and expose the Camp David Summit and our current capitalist model for the farce that it really