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Gay Marriage: Yay Or Nay?

Gay Marriage: Yay Or Nay?

Gay marriage! What's the feelin' on that these days? Are people goin' for that lame thing called progress or are they sittin' pretty with me, Susie, and holdin' people back? Looks like it's a mixed bag full of sexual confusion.

Tea Party Report: Let's Go Fiscal Cliff Diving

For her weekly Tea Party Report, Susie Sampson goes in search of Americans shrieking in fear at the prospect of driving over that awful fiscal cliff and watch the Bush tax cuts expire. Unfortunately, she couldn't really find any. Indeed, they

It's A Cold Turkey Day For The Tea Party

Susie Sampson surveys the frigid landscape of conservative hopes after the 2012 election. Oddly enough, her subjects do not seem to want to celebrate the coming of the Indians as immigrants to America. Hm. Line of the day: "Protection. I got

Tea Party Report: Republicans Beaming After The Debate

Susie Sampson delves into Tea Party-land, where everyone is jubilant that Mitt Romney didn't impale himself in this week's debate. She also meets a Tea Partier who hates both Obama ("a Muslim") and Romney (dude hates Mormons too). Ah, the GOP is

Tea Party Report: Mitt Just Loves Him The 53 Percent

Everyone's so darned focus on Mitt Romney's disparaging remarks about the "47 Percent" of Americans who are parasitic leeches and will never vote for him. As Susie Sampson explains, he really just looooooves the 53 percent that might elect him

Tea Party Report: From The GOP Front Lines In Tampa

Because the Republican National Convention was so damned goofy, Susie Sampson naturally files a spectacularly weird Tea Party Report from Tampa, featuring dimbulb Stephen Baldwin (with perhaps the most tongue-twisted explanation of one's