Bank Of America To Pay $2.4 Billion

Bank of America announced on Friday that it will pay $2.43 billion to settle a class-action lawsuit with shareholders following its acquisition of Merrill Lynch in 2008. The $50 billion deal came within days of Merrill Lynch’s collapse,

Inside The Tax Dodgers

In this short film, "Voice of Art - The Tax Dodgers Part I," Gan Golan, street theater artist and co-author of best-sellers "Goodnight Bush" and "The Adventures of Unemployed Man," leads a mock baseball team called "The Tax Dodgers."

I Am The 99%

Spot 1 99% Get Money Out from sandrine on Vimeo. The 99% Get Money Out campaign echoes two of the strongest messages emanating from the Occupy Movement: a vast majority of us know many things in this country need to change, and those