Barach Obama

Fk The Deficit

I caught some of Obama's last presser of his first administration and although he is fighting against the psychos wanting to destroy the global markets by refusing to raise the debt ceiling; I just don't understand some of his other words

Rush Limbaugh Actually Calls Obama The 'Egomaniac'

Media Matters writes: Limbaugh: Obama's Aurora Remarks Show He's An "Egomaniac"; "Everything Has To Be About This Guy" Every innocuous comment President Obama makes must be analyzed by Rush through his own special 'Did he really say this or

Economists Fail Republicans On Laffer Curve

Among the myriad Republican myths about taxes, the most pernicious and demonstrably false - that "tax cuts pay for themselves" - is the mostly deeply held by the GOP faithful. As President George W. Bush famously (and erroneously) put it, "You