The Newsroom

The Newsroom Season 3 Episode 2: 'Run'

The second episode of this season of The Newsroom shows us all the pressures the producers, anchors, reporters and staff are under. I look at some of the ethical, legal, financial and personal themes.
The Newsroom: A Fantasy Network Reality Show

The Newsroom: A Fantasy Network Reality Show

The season three opener of The Newsroom gave me some new ideas for media activism. Which is ironic because watching Sorkin's shows often makes me feel dumb and/or annoyed. If you watched it tell me if you can see these ideas too, and what it would take to implement them.

HBO's The Newsroom Upsets 'Tea Party' Sen. Mike Lee

If anyone who subscribes to HBO has not watched their new series on Sunday night, The Newsroom yet, I'd recommend trying to catch up now, with their latest episode and who it upset just being one of the reasons: Sen. Mike Lee Takes Issue With