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Debt Strangles The 99%

Medical debt is an area of personal debt that no one from outside the United States can even understand. Spanish activists are campaigning against the privitization of their national single-payer health system. They see any payment for medical treatment as the breakdown of a decent society. The idea that people might be driven to bankruptcy by medical debt is literally incomprehensible.

Today: Strike Debt Bay Area Presents Oakland’s First Debtors’ Assembly

As individuals, families, and communities, most of us are drowning in debt for the basic things we need to live, including housing, education, and health care. Even those of us who do not have personal debt are affected by predatory lending. Our essential public services are cut because our cities and towns are held hostage by the same big banks that have been bailed out by our government. All of us are outraged that big banks don’t have to pay their debts, but we do.

OWS Updates For The Week Of January 25th

Last week's petition delivery action was a great success, delivering a clear message that OWS would not stay silent while the New York Post lied about us yet again. People from Occupy Faith and concerned activists spoke with humor and eloquence against a backdrop of banners printed with the names of the thousands of people who signed the petition. Music was played and songs were sung, but we’re still waiting on our apology, let alone a thank you note for the good time!

Season's Greetings From Strike Debt: You're Out Of Debt!

What could be better for Christmas than a story of giving? The Village Voice has a blog post on Strike Debt's Rolling Jubilee project, sparked by the Occupy movement. And what a wonderful present! Imagine the looks on the faces of the people who