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SNL Cold Open: GOP Debate

SNL Cold Open: GOP Debate

Saturday Night Live spoofed the GOP presidential clown car during their Cold Open segment this weekend.
SNL: Charles Daniels Help Fund

SNL: Charles Daniels Help Fund

Saturday Night Live, Oct. 11, 2014. SNL has a bit of fun with these relief funds and whether they ought to be asking for a little bit more money to support their efforts.

SNL Cold Open: Gun Control

Saturday Night Live took a shot at President Obama and the Senate and whether there's going to be any meaningful gun control legislation passed any time soon. Sadly, their parody wasn't that far from reality on whether we're going to see anything will make a real difference make its way through this Congress controlled by the NRA any time soon.

SNL Spoofs The Second Presidential Debate

Jason Sudeikis and Jay Pharoah were back as Gov. Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama for round two of the presidential debates in the opening of this week's Saturday Night Live. SNL's version of the debate was a bit more contentious than the real

Open Thread: SNL Bain Ad Parody

From the season premier of Saturday Night Live, a parody of one of the Obama for America's attack ads hitting Mitt Romney for his time at Bain Capital. I await Fox "News" going after them with "fact-checks" on their comedy skit and asking if they were "fair and balanced" with their treatment of Mittens.

SNL Debuts Jay Pharoah As Barack Obama In Season Premiere

Saturday Night Live had their former "Barack Obama," Fred Armisen do the the hand off by giving the introductions in this skit, and although I think the newest member of their cast to take on the role of the President has a way to go in the being