Black Friday strike

Wal-Mart: Only 50 Workers Took Part In Black Friday Strike

I'm still sick and slept right through the alarm yesterday morning, which bummed me out because I wanted to go to the 8 a.m. protest scheduled at my local Walmart. So I don't know how many strikers and supporters were there. But when I swung by

Walmart Whines To NLRB About Worker Actions. Boo Hoo!

I was watching network news (ABC) last night, and they were talking about how the Black Friday sales were going to start Thursday night, and the reporter was gushing about all the great deals. Not one single word about the Walmart strike. After

Walmart Worker: 'I Want To Play Football With My Son'

I want to make a suggestion. I'd like everyone who reads this to email everyone they know with a link to these videos, and ask them not to shop at any store on Thanksgiving night, and to support the Walmart Black Friday strike. This is some