Courage Campaign

You, Moby, Heather Graham, And Shepard Fairey

What a year it's been in the fight against Prop 8. What a year it could be. In California, Courage Campaign has led the fight to repeal Prop 8, starting off with live-blogging the trial at (the #1 Google result for "Prop

Prop 8 Upheld: Fearless Response

(full disclosure: I work for the Courage Campaign) The California Supreme Court announced today its deeply disappointing decision to uphold Proposi

This Ad Will Make You Sick

Marriage equality is gaining momentum across America. On Friday, the Iowa Supreme Court -- by a unanimous ruling -- made marriage equality the law

This Video Will Break Your Heart

(full disclosure: I work for the Courage Campaign) And Ken Starr is to blame. Yes, that Ken Starr. The prosecutor who led the campaign to impeach

A California Carol

From the Courage Campaign. When Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed the Democratic budget solution last week he gave a lump of coal to every Californian.