Video: Ed Watson And Derence Kernek Explain Why The Prop 8 Ruling Shouldn't Have To Wait

These people are the reason we're doing this work.

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Ed and Derence, of Palm Springs, CA, are a couple who submitted their story to Courage Campaign's call for stories in the wake of the California Supreme Court's decision to accept the question regarding the issue of standing in the Proposition 8 case -- just to decide whether or not they're going to rule on the issue! -- and then announce that they're going to drag this decision out for six months-plus. Our field staff drove for several hours out to the desert last week to get their story on video because these are the human faces of what happens while the California Supreme Court insists on taking six months just to hear oral arguments, and more to issue a decision.

If you'll permit me, a personal story that I keep thinking about when I watch their video.

My grandma, may she rest in peace, had Alzheimer's like Ed does. She started to forget a lot of things, like Ed will. But she was blessed to have already married my grandpa and experienced the wonderful day that is her wedding day. I even remember talking with her once and because of her condition, she could not remember what my response was when she asked me what my summer plans were 10 minutes prior, but when I asked her where she held her wedding and who came, she could tell me every single detail like it was yesterday. Maybe it's just the nature of the condition, but I think it was a little bit because it was one of the happiest days in her life. I always remember that.

Because of the Court's refusal this week to shorten time in the case, and because Ed is gay, he might not get to experience that ever in his life. He might not even recognize Derence if Derence goes down on one knee. And that's not fair.

Ed and Derence joined with Courage to pen an open letter to the 9th Circuit asking them to lift the stay. If the California Supreme Court is going to take this long, they should have the chance to wed. You can read it here.

Please sign their open letter. Then share with friends and family. Let's make sure the nation knows about Ed and Derence. Let's put their faces on TV, on Facebook, everywhere. These people are invisible until we shine a light on them.

Disclosure: I am proud to work for the Courage Campaign as Director of Online Programs.


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