The Toxic End Of The KXL Pipeline

The Toxic End Of The KXL Pipeline

A major emissions event took place April 15, 2013 in the city of Port Arthur, Texas. But, the real problem is the steady, routine release of toxic chemicals that never makes the news.

Canada Increasingly Desperate To Secure Keystone XL Approval

Prime Minster Stephen Harper’s hopes for the approval and construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, which will transport Alberta tar sands crude across the US to refineries and export facilities in the Gulf Coast, hit a stumbling block this summer when Obama announced he will take Canada’s growing emissions problem into account when considering the project’s fate.

Tar Sands Coal Export Boom: Petcoke Exports 2nd Highest Ever In April

Energy Information Agency (EIA) figures for April show the U.S. exported the second-highest monthly total of petcoke in the country's history and 2012 was the highest ever annual amount of U.S. petcoke exports. Further, Keystone XL is intricately tied into this new coal export market, as it will feed right into many key Gulf Coast petcoke refineries, as explained by the great Jan. 2013 report by Oil Change International.