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...of Arthur Silber....He talks about the upcoming attack on Iran and why the Democratic Party will not impeach BushCo... (link fixed, sorry for the c

Open Thread

Arthur Silber: Will No One Rid Me of This Meddlesome Man?

On Racism

Arthur Silber elaborates on racism and Coulter....

Joan Crawford Does Foreign Policy

Arthur Silber compares the NRO's (Hysteria Headquarters) Andrew McCarthy to a type of Joan Crawford hysteria syndrome over the JFK plot... You&#3

Feeling Pain Is Not A Weakness

Arthur Silber: In the three months after Marine Maj. John Ruocco returned from Iraq feeling numb and depressed, he couldn’t sleep. He had lost

Can You Spare A Dime?

Arthur has been dealing with some terrible health and family situations...I'm still working on my "Thank You" post for your kindness wit


Arthur Silber: I suppose I should remind you, since many people appear never to have understood this point despite history's multiple proofs, tha