Musharraf Announces Resignation

President Musharraf of Pakistan has announced his resignation this morning, in an address to his nation in advance of impeachment charges which were e

This Just In: Bush Doctrine Still Dead

The steady stream of bad news about Afghanistan this week served to highlight two inescapable truths regarding the conflict against Al Qaeda and the

Democracy, Schamocracy

After the president’s rationale(s) for the war in Iraq fell apart, the White House crafted a post-hoc rationalization for the invasion — the Unit

Mike's Blog Round Up

I'm Manila Ryce from The Largest Minority. Today's my birthday so I'm typing this in my birthday suit. Only one of the statements from the previous se

Mike's Blog Round Up

Good morning, gentle readers. This week I, Alex, from Martini Revolution, will be your humble narrator of this blog roundup, in the absence of your us

Mike's Blog Round Up

Just days after President Bush admitted the failure of his "no safe havens for terrorists" policy, Barack Obama said he will attack Al Qaeda in Pakist