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Good morning, gentle readers. This week I, Alex, from Martini Revolution, will be your humble narrator of this blog roundup, in the absence of your usual and outstanding host, Mike. If you have any posts you would like to bring to my attention this week, your correspondence is very welcome and I can be reached at alexde AT gmail DOT com.

The issue of torture continues to come up, and thankfully Dana Perino assures us we aren't doing it, even if she hasn't clue one about what we are doing, or how the torture we're not doing is defined. John Edwards has doubts about the President's veracity on this matter. World War II veterans must have doubts as well, since they criticized the current war and the torturing of prisoners (which the administration claims isn't happening, even if it can't say what torture is). Jack Goldsmith, former head of the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel, paradoxically, wrote a whole book about this administration's penchant for issuing legal opinions to justify torture. Meanwhile, Conservative Commentator Jon Swift continues to wonder, "Are We Tasering Enough People?"

Larry Craig decides not to resign after the judge rules against his motion to overturn his conviction for wide-stancing and foot-tapping in the bathroom, disconcerting Republicans, spurring cynical applause from Democrats, and even causing one blogger to break out into song. Then, Ted Haggard's man-whore taps his way into the story.

On a lighter fatter note, Jonah Goldberg, aka "The Doughy Pantload," suffers a grievous memory lapse, failing to recall even a single one of the 257,986 times conservatives have called their opponents "traitors."

On a more tragic note, Bush says, "No Health Care for You!" to little kids, and the major GOP candidates all follow, like lemmings.

In a shocker, President - seemingly - for - life - Musharraf won a landslide victory, without eliciting too much comment from leftblogland, but fortunately there's always Metroblogging Karachi to keep us up to date. I think.

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