Mark Penn

The Case For Letting Things Play Out

Having been in the shoes of the team at the White House, I feel for them right now. Every group, business, and constituency in America that cares about tax and budget policy (i.e. most of them) is banging on them to do this or that, or more

American Politicos Sell Clout To Scuzzy Dictators

Rachel Maddow takes Mark Penn, Lanny Davis, Bob Barr and Rudy Giuliani to task for being willing to sell their domestic political clout in order to line their pockets doing PR work for some, as she calls it, "Scuzzy Dictators". First up, we have

Mark Penn And Chris Matthews: The Banality Of Evil

Most of the time when we monitor shows, we do so with an eye to the hypocritical or outrageous. And usually, when it comes to me, I find myself rolling my eyes or making some snarky aside and moving on. But every once in a while, you come