Energy Policy

Something You Can Do Right Now About Global Climate Change

With a massive heat wave sweeping the country, people's electric usage is shooting up to keep up with the weather. Unfortunately most Americans get our electricity from dirty sources like coal, fracking and oil - and with this heat wave, are burning more fossil fuels to stay cool. My name’s Matt Browner Hamlin and I work for Ethical Electric because I have to fight catastrophic climate change.

Krugman: GOP Using Drill, Drill, Drill As Faux Jobs Program

Three years ago, Krugman talked about energy policy under the Bush administration, John McCain's proposals and how deregulating the oil companies wouldn't make gas any cheaper. I was watching Real Time with Bill Maher last night, and one of the

A *Gas* Indeed: Professor Michele Bachmann's Energy Policy

(h/t David at VideoCafe) Michele Bachmann had to have the most interesting campaign promise of any of the Republican candidates to date: The same woman who has never passed a single bill in her tenure in congress is telling audiences that